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Chairman reflections






It is more than 20 years since the establishment of Huachen Flocking;the period can also be described as 20 year’s of entrepreneurship with disturbances and harvest.We have worked a struggling way with blood and sweat during the development of Huachen from a workshop in the early days to China’s leading enterprise in blackout fabric and printing flocking industry. We are grateful to all sections of society for their powerful support and selfless love;thank the employees cautious ans conscientious in their positions!

ne person can amount to something only when there is confidence and effort, and so is an enterprise. In a world full of enterprise, a great number of enterprises are competing with each other. It is confidence that makes us more confident in the environment with co-existence of competition and development, opportunities and challenges;it is effort that teaches us to be earnest and down-to -earth and pursue relentlessly. The development root is established in an enterprise so long as there are the above-mentioned two traits. It makes everyone in an enterprise shines with humanity,wisdom and brilliance in life and works, making our partners embrace the future with more confidence as us. This is our wealth as well as our value, moreover,this is the motivation and belief for us to provide customers with quality products. Excellent ideas originate from excellent culture.Respect is the essence of Huachen’s enterprise culture.Creating system with fair competition with talents management is the core for our development. We are willing to provide the majority of young people with aspirations excellent working environment and a stage to fully display their talents,enabling those talented and virtuous realize the value of life.promoting greater development of Huachen together.

Work hard and earnestly, treat others tolerantly and sincerely,pursue extensively and profoundly, and develop endlessly. This is the fundamental criteria Huachen people behave in life and work, which is also the motto Huachen adheres to during its development. Where there is a will, there is a way;we will continue our efforts in pursuing first-class quality and service, creating a win-win atmosphere which is enthusiastic and open,featuring with sincere.

Chairman: Sun Yuehua
November 22, 2014

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